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Forsyth County Georgia has one of the most extraordinary running & walking communities in the United States, and your friends at NGRC want to share this gift with everyone!!!  RunNGRC  is free and open to the public as a bi-weekly "gathering" opportunity where those attending can join a group and pick the distance and pace that is right.  These runs/walks are a great opportunity for you to get together with family and friends to give you an opportunity to meet a group of people to share the enjoyment of bettering health and wellness!  We look forward to seeing you at RunNGRC!!!

  • WHO: These fun runs/walks are open to ANY and ALL people interested in running and walking with others in the community!

  • WHEN: Fun runs/walks on Tuesday evenings at 6:45 PM and Saturday mornings at 8:00 AM that are usually followed by fellowship at a local establishment.

  • WHERE: Runs/walks will take place at our NGRC store located at 5456 Bethelview Road, Cumming, GA then down to the Greenway.  Join us now to get more involved in our amazing running and walking community here in Forsyth County!



Interested in joining us? Be sure to join our Facebook group (open to all) – !!! This group serves as a gathering place for like-minded people who share the common goal of improving their physical health and wellness through the activity of walking and running! Run/walk locations and other news will be shared there on a regular basis.


LOCATION:  Big Creek Greenway at Bethelview

TIME: 6:45 PM


Always check our Facebook and Instagram pages for up-to-date information!  




LOCATION: Big Creek Greenway at Bethelview

TIME: 8:00 AM


Beginning Saturday, October 5, meet us at Big Creek Greenway at Bethelview for our Saturday morning run! We offer various distances and welcome runners and walkers of all paces and abilities.  




Always check our Facebook and Instagram pages for up-to-date information!  




TIME:  8:10 AM


Meet us at the trails Sunday mornings!


*Location changes from week to week so please check our Facebook and Instagram pages for up-to-date information!  


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our group runs are all about fun!

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