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Join our FoCo 500 Virtual Challenge. Run, walk, bike or hike 500 miles across FoCo, or anywhere! Begin June 5th and track your mileage through Labor Day (September 6th). Do it solo, with a partner, or with a team of up to 4. It's up to you how you divide up the miles among your teammates. Although we would love for you to explore all areas of Forsyth County, you can get your miles anywhere! See below for more info on that.

Solo Participants will complete all 500 miles. Partners and teams of up to 4 can divide the mileage up however they'd like. You will set your mileage goal in your profile. The default mileage is set to 500 miles but you can adjust it based on your goals. You can also keep going past 500 if you'd like! 

For Team Registration, each person will register individually. The first person to register will create the team and can share the link with others. Or they can create the team and you can add yourself using the info below.

You can edit your team by following these instructions:
1. Sign In to RunSignUp
2. Go to your Profile
3. Click Manage Registration
4. Click Team from the menu option
5. Share, update details, and manage your Group/Team from here

All participants will receive a shirt or tank and a custom medal. Packet pick-up days will take place close to the end of the challenge and will mail packets for those that do not pick up in-store. The dates for the packet pickup are TBD.


Q: Do I have to be in Forsyth County or GA to do this event?
A: No, you do not have to be in or from GA/FoCo to do this, anyone can do this event! This is great for families to stay active together, even if you don't live close by.

Q: How do I record my miles? 
A: You will be logging your miles directly into the RunSignUp System.  You will get an email with instructions for you to upload directly. You can do it daily or once a week.

Q: Do I have to run?
A: You can Run, Walk, Bike, Hike, or Crawl! Any way you can get the miles. It's your challenge, as long as you are purposefully moving and logging miles, it counts. It is YOUR challenge but we do ask that you not log miles that are earned with your normal step count per day. This should be the mileage you earn outside of your regular activity.

Q: Do I have to run/walk/bike outside?
A: You can go outside, inside, in your basement, treadmill, at the gym, etc.  Any way you can get your miles in, count!

Q: Do my miles count from before the start date of my challenge? 
A: No, only miles you do from June 5th thru September 7th count. 

Q: Can I run/walk/bike/hike multiple times a day? 
A: Yes, breaking your miles up several times a day counts too! 

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